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Websites & apps to check

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Guide through the most useful websites and apps for tourists, locals and expacts living in Granada. I recommend here the best ones. Checked and used by me, while living in the city. I’m pretty sure there’s much more other helpful services, so I’m going to update this page from time to time. I need to check first before writing about it. Don’t hesitate and contact me if you’re having any doubts or questions!


airbnb-logo guide


Website where you can rent an apartament or a room in a location you’re going to travel to. I love you can choose a region you would like to stay and it counts for you estimated price. You can also read the opinions from other users and find a list of things you would propably need, such as wifi, a washing machine or even an iron. Airbnb offers also great paid activites, for example bike trips!

Hostelworld guide


Meet The World. Hostelworld is leading hostel-focused online booking platform. Booking haven’t been easier. You can find here anything you want, even on your phone. Platform not only helps you find a place to stay, but also supports your trip. If I ever travel by myself and feel like booking a hostel – I’m using Hostelworld!

couchsurfing guide


Service that I love the most when I’m traveling. Couchsurfing offers meeting people with one/two days free accomodation. Couchsurfing has a website and an app. Just by setting yourself online – you can meet right away with person or a group. I think in Granada it works very well! I could meet locals, as well as expacts speaking only in english. There’s always someone who would love to help you and will listen to your story! Girls – be careful, some people don’t understand the rules of this website so if you see any strange act – report the person, please! Read the guide prepared by couchsurfing for solo-travel safe.

tulipan relocations guide

Tulipan Relocations

Relocation Assistance guided by www.tulipanmalaga.com. Website helps expacts, families and small companies to settle down in Spain. Their service is very helpful in Granada or Malaga. Tulipan Relocations help ligaly to look for a place to rent or buy. They also help awith paperwork, getting NIE number, residance, driving licences, importing cars and many more questions! Don’t hesitate to take a look if you’re planning to hire someone.

aloasis guide


Aloasis are founders of the concept “Home meets Hotel”. Guests can rent houses as hotels, also with in-person check-in and check-out papers. Everything is fresh because of cleaning services. When I was looking for a rent, someone sugested me this website and I took a look. Very professional.

priceline guide


Priceline is an online travel agency (OTA) that helps you to find the best flight deals, car rentals, accommodation and even cruises! I could discribe it as a very similiar website as Skyscanner and Booking, which gives you all you need. They really want to focus on clients that love to travel, not even for work. Try them and see what works with you.

booking.com guide


Booking.com is one of the biggest online services that helps you to find accommodation with the price you expect. Their mission is to make people happy. You can check opinions, given stars and prices before you book them, isn’t it great?!



I think in my guide Idealista deserves 5 stars. Spanish website is the best online service that offers flats or rooms to rent in any place. You can choose the province and exaclty the district you wanna stay in the city. It shows you a price, photos and sometimes an offer incluedes a walking tour video! Check it and see how it works!


blablacar gudie


Travel between cities or even countries with great comfort and awesome price. The best part is that you can check opinions first and then decide if you would like to travel with that person or find another one. In every country are different rules, but as I know in Spain you can talk with a driver before the meeting! Check their guide-blog to read more.



The biggest service that will guide you through the best options of transportation. Choosing the best form of travel from the place A to B, such as flight, tram, bus or even a walk. You can easily look for the best price that suits your needs. Of course it won’t show you the cheapest ways, but you can always try and see if it will save your life, as it saved mine in Verona.


orange guide


I’ve only tried two mobile companies and I recommend truly Orange. I’ve seen so many offers for expacts and locals with big prices and not so much gigabites of internet. Orange gives you what you need. I’m not sure what you really need, but my focus was on internet, so I can say I wasn’t dissapointed. I know Spain is not the cheapest country in that area, but in XXI century we all need good mobile service, right?




When I looked for a courier service – this is one of the two services that people recommended to me. Website looks for for you the best deals for sending a package as well as prices.



Similiar to the service Packlink. You won’t be dissaponted neither.